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Jan 14, 2009

Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Although I have not finished re-reading Rich Dad Poor Dad to complete our book review. A few items stood out that I had to publish:

"I CHOOSE DAILY: The power of choice. That is the main reason people want to live in a free country. We want the power to choose. " "Financially, with every dollar we get in our hands, we hold the power to choose our future to be rich. Poor people simply have poor spending habits."

"PAY YOURSELF FIRST: The power of self-discipline. If you cannot get control of yourself, do not try to get rich."

"Why consumers will always be poor. When the supermarket has a sale on, say, toilet paper, the consumer runs in and stocks up. When the stock market has a sale, most often called a crash or correction, the consumer runs away from it. When the supermarket raises its prices, the consumer shops elsewhere. When the stock market raises its prices, the consumer starts buying. "

Kiyosaki, R. Rich Dad Poor Dad. New York: Warner Books, (2000)

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