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Jan 28, 2009

No Savings on our DVR Fees

Our attempt to save on our monthly cable fees fees did not go the way we anticipated. We received the DRV unit and set it up. It is just about identical to the one we currently have. Unfortunately, per the cable company, the unit must be from their inventory with the serial number on file for the unit to work. This savings effort was a complete bust! (Next time we'll call before we purchase.)

Undaunted, we called the cable company on the rate we have been paying, $113.00, verses the one advertised, $99.95. Per the individual we spoke with the $99.95 rate is only for one year and then the rate goes to $129.95 per month. After a bit of back and forth the cable company agreed to upgrade the speed on our internet, from 7 Mbps to 20 Mbps, and reduce our bill by $5.00 per month.

We gladly took the deal. It's about a year payback on the DVR so we'll consider this effort a wash and we will not include the savings in our snowflake account or in our monthly results tracking.

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