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Jan 17, 2009

Savings On Tap?

It's nothing personal, we just hate paying large utility bills. So the focus on this article is to reduce our monthly water bill.

Our family of five goes through quite a bit of water and our bill is a staggering amount. Two areas that use a lot of water are showers and toilets. To reduce water consumption in our showers we are installing Low Flow showerheads.

These showerheads are designed to mix air with the water to reduce the flow of water and increase the water pressure. Low Flow showerheads are rated based on GPM or Gallons Per Minute. Our research shows that a typical showerhead has a rating between 3 to 5 PGM while Low flow showerheads typically run between 2.5 to 1.5 GPM. We recommend you stay away from the 1.5 GPM showerheads because the added pressure can cause the water to sting. A good GPM showerhead range runs around 1.85 GPM and has a cost around $20 to $30.

Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome

On average a toilet uses three to six gallons of water per flush. To reduce the amount of water used when we flush the toilets we are placing a brick in the tank to displace some of the water. The EPA estimates that 30 percent of a household’s water use is from flushing the toilet.

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