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Feb 25, 2009

Your Savings Account?

Have you ever thought about what the term "Savings Account" implies?

Per Dictionary.com saving is defined as follows:
1. tending or serving to save; rescuing; preserving.
2. compensating; redeeming: a saving sense of humor.
3. thrifty; economical: a saving housekeeper.
4. making a reservation: a saving clause.
5. a reduction or lessening of expenditure or outlay: a saving of 10 percent.
6. something that is saved.
7. savings, sums of money saved by economy and laid away.
8. Law. a reservation or exception.
9. except: Nothing remains saving these ruins.
10. with all due respect to or for: saving your presence.
11. except; save.

We believe in today's economy that individuals should think of the term "Savings" in their Savings Account as an adjective. Particularly we stress the first definition: Tending or serving to save; rescuing; preserving.

If you agree with our thoughts we have one question for you. "Have you established an account to rescue and or preserve you and your family if an unexpected event happens"?

You should begin building your Savings now!
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