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Mar 18, 2009

Don't waste your money on Xbox

We admit the games are great, unfortunately Xbox 360 appears to have significant quality issues. For example, both of our consoles have experienced an E74 error. (E74 is the error code which is displayed on the screen.) One console broke about 9 months after it was purchased. We had it repaired and it broke again within another 6 months. Our other console broke within 12 months of purchase. That's a total of three E74 errors within 15 month period. Now that's quality issues!

We called Xbox to complain about the quality of their product and we were informed that they would happily repair the console for a fee of $100.00. Remember, that's just 3 months after the warranty expiration date and after it was already repaired once before. Some how we should pay for their poor quality?

I spoke with a young lady at Xbox named Claudia who identified herself as a Supervisor. Claudia could do nothing for me except explain that they would not repair my console unless I paid the $100 service fee. I asked Claudia about the difference in one red ring verses three rings and again, she could do nothing for me except explain the three ring issue has a three year warranty and the one ring issue has a one year warranty. Gee, Thanks Claudia, you're definitely supervisor material.

So here's our suggestion for potential Xbox customer's don't waste your money! If you have already wasted your money on Xbox you should immediately call Xbox at 800-469-9269 and purchase a one year warranty. If your warranty has expired unfortunately your out of luck and Xbox will not assist you. However we have a suggestion for you as well: Call Xbox, ask for Claudia, and suggest a new war game about a huge battle against a corporate giant with poor quality, poor service, and mean drones that do nothing but spout corporate talk. Oh, and tell Claudia we said hello.
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