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Mar 28, 2009

What's up with your Xbox War?

If you're wondering about our Xbox war postings and why they are on a site about saving money and achieving goals we understand your curiosity. The escalation of events started when my son's Xbox broke again just six months after it was previously repaired for the same issue. Adding to our fervor was the fact that our second Xbox console broke a few weeks after and it also had the same issue.

We called Xbox and we were informed that our first console was out of warranty and that we would need to pay for the repair. That' 15 months and three repairs for the same issue. Per a statement from Xbox an "E74 is a general hardware error on Xbox 360 indicated by a single red flashing light in the Xbox Ring of Light and an error message visible on the television. This error is unrelated to the three flashing red lights error and there is not a single root cause. We encourage anyone who receives this error to contact Xbox Customer support through www.xbox.com/support or 1-800-4-MY-XBOX."

Since the release of Xbox in 2005 there have been many articles in the media about the Xbox 360's high failure rates. Recently, there has been legal action taken attempting to hold Microsoft responsible for the failure rate among the Xbox 360 and provide reasonable compensation for those affected.

We're outraged at Xbox (Microsoft) about the poor quality of their product and their poor customer service. So we are urging our readers to avoid purchasing the product. Save your money, that's the tie into SolidPlanning.com!

If you have already made the purchase, you should buy the extended service agreement even though it feeds the company additional dollars it s the right choice for now since statistics show you will need it in the suture. Reduce your risk, that's an additional tie into SolidPlanning.com!

Oh and once again, we urge our readers to call Xbox support at 800-469-9269 and ask for Claudia. She will not assist you, and she will not make you feel better however she is a perfect example of Xbox and Microsoft's poor quality commitment and poor customer service so please tell her what you think. Oh and please tell Claudia we said hello.
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