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Apr 13, 2009

Xbox and E74 No More

Disappointed by the poor quality of xbox and Microsoft's failure to stand behind their flawed product we've decided to sell the xbox console that was out of warranty when it experienced the E74 error. The supply of broken consoles is huge (poor quality) so the going rate is about $30.00 dollars.

Based on our calculations, if we pay for the repair ($100.00 including shipping) we can sell the fixed console with some games for about $200.00. So after deducting the $100.00 repair fee and the value of the games sold separately $50.00 we have increased the value of the broken unit by $20.00 (Working xbox value $200 - repair fee $100 - broken value $30 - value of games $50 = $20 increase).

The nice part about fixing the unit is that the warranty is reinstated and xbox is now liable for the repairs for an additional year. We consider this a victory so the xbox is for sale.

*There you Claudia of Microsoft, your poor quality product and terrible customer service drove us to abandon the product as well as the related games. Better still we eliminated a retail sale of your shoddy product by selling ours on the after market, we stuck xbox with another year of support, and we recouped the ridiculous repair fee.

And finally, the entire sale price, approximately $200.00, will be spent on the superior PS3 game console.
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