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Jan 24, 2009

Book Review: Gimme My Money Back

We purchased Gimme My Money Back to learn more about the 2008 financial crisis and to learn how to improve upon our retirement plan investment strategy.

Despite the ridiculous title the book does an excellent job of explaining investment terminology and the events that lead up to the current economic situation found in the United States. The book takes you through asset allocation, investment diversification, and a step by step approach to build your own custom-tailored portfolio.

Based on the information we gained from the book we have changed our investment elections in our 401(k) account. We believe our portfolio is now better positioned to handle the fluctuations in the market.

If you want to build your financial knowledge and minimize your investment risk we highly recommend this book. It is a pleasure to read and it contains excellent information, tools, and guidance. We give Gimme My Money Back two thumbs up.

Velshi, A. Gimme My Money Back. New York: Sterling & Ross Publishers, (2008)

This is the second book review of our planned fifty two book reviews.

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