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Feb 1, 2009

January's Results

We have been working on our 2009 goals for a little over our month now and it's time to report on our progress. We have placed our goals in a RAG list (Red, Amber, Green) to display our progress. Green is good, Amber is caution, and Red is BAD!

I was feeling pretty good about our progress until we prepared this list. The red items tells us where we need to focus our attention in February.

Read & Review 52 - 2 books behind schedule. (Read, not reviewed.)
Cash Reserves - Saved 60% of our Emergency Cash Reserves goal.
New Will - No progress.
401(k) Contributions - On track to max out before year end.
401(k) Match - On track to receive the full match available.
Reduce Credit Card Debt - No progress.
Spousal IRA - Behind schedule. (No contributions in January.)
Reduce Taxes - 401(k) & FSA in place. Spousal IRA is behind.
Spend less & Save more - Identified & acted upon $397.17 in savings.
Passive Income - Behind schedule. (Only 1% of our goal in January.)
Subscribed Readers - No progress.
2010 Reserves Increase - Behind schedule. (No transfers in January.)
Refinance - No progress.

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