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Feb 2, 2009

Save $10 a Week by Packing Your Drink

We've all done it, we pull up to the menu and choose an inexpensive lunch while thinking about our budget. We order a sandwich or two for $2 and we think were doing well. Then comes the catch. "Would you like to add a beverage to your meal?"

If you say yes you just doubled your bill. Many individuals agree to a drink without even thinking about it. How is it possible that a drink, one that primarily consists of water, sweetener, and loads of ice, can cost as much as the main course of your meal? It doesn't. Drinks are a way that restaurants generate a significant portion of their profit. They present meals as inexpensive and then they take an inexpensive product that costs about $.10 and charge you a markup of 2000%. It's similar to a bait and switch technique.

If you must eat out on a regular basis, we suggest you load up a good quality cooler with your favorite beverage, ice, and tote it along with you as you go about your travels. This super easy trick can save you $10 a week or more and it allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage regardless of the drink selection of the restaurant.


LAVA said...

You can also just have water with your meal...you save money and get your daily allotment of water.

SolidPlanning.com said...

LAVA: Thanks for the comment! You're absolutely correct. Water is the best choice. However, sometimes I need an extra the jolt from caffeine.

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