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Feb 6, 2009

Planning 101

We believe setting goals without creating plans to accomplish them is similar to wishful thinking. Wishful thinking may make you feel good however it produces no fruitful outcome. For real results you need to create a plan, which is really a series of steps to perform. Creating a plan to reach your goals isn’t as daunting as you might think. To assist you we’ve listed an approach to creating a plan below:

1) Document your goals in writing. The process of collecting your thoughts and documenting them allows you to clarify your goals. The more specific your goals are the easier it is to create steps to achieve them.

2) After reviewing your goals, think about the steps can you take today, tomorrow, in the future, to make them a reality. Write down these steps and assign a date to them that you would like to see the step accomplished.

3) Review your documented goals and steps every morning and every evening. This reminds you of the importance of your goals and keeps them fresh in your mind. If you think of additional steps during your review write them down and assign them a date as well.

4) Perform the steps. Completing the steps you have written down is your plan to achieving your goals. Ask yourself, “What can I do today that will take me a step closer to my achieving goal?”

5) Share your goals and steps with others. Sharing your goals allows you to internalize them. It also allows people to help you achieve your goals as well as support and encourage you along the way.

6) Don’t give up! Your goals will not be achieved in one day. Goals are achieved by completing steps over a period of time. By completing each step along your plan you become closer and closer to achieving your goals.

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