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May 24, 2009

Supper Planning Anyone?

I've been watching the family budget and looking for additional ways to save. A few ideas have popped in my head that I'll pursue however one really stood out. I enjoy cooking on occasion and I wondered if there were ways to link my passion for saving money with my enjoyment of cooking.

Quick numbers: If the average family meal runs around $20.00 the cost to feed the family runs over $1800.00 per month! A large number for sure. Is $20.00 the correct amount to use per meal, I'm not sure just yet. Dropping the average cost to $10.00 per meal would slice the cost in half and may save $900.00 per month. Is it possible? Will the family rebel? Or can we make a deal and share the savings with a pay for performance approach?
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Carrie said...

$20 is way too high. I think an average meal should be between $5 and $10. $10 and up would be a really nice meal. I highly recommend checking out 5dollardinners.com

SolidPlanning.com said...


Thanks, for the comment. My wife agrees, $2o.oo is too high. I plan to track our costs for a week to see what the average cost runs us. We're a family of 5 so eating out really drives up the number.

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